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The International Association for Microanalysis

Pronounced: i-am-uh

IAMA is an acronym for the International Association for Microanalysis and was formed October of 1999. The organization is non-profit and was created to provide forensic scientist with an informative resource relating to the detection of primer gunshot residue (P-GSR) by SEM/EDX. Currently, IAMA is internationally recognized with over 150 members. Although, IAMA was originally created to address a the specific topic of P-GSR detection and analysis, eventually it is anticipated to grow into a journal comprising all aspects of forensic scanning electron microscopy.

The International Association for Microanalysis (IAMA) is a not-for-profit organization. IAMA is funded by myself, the generous donations of others and membership dues. If you or your organization would like to contribute to IAMA, please go to the Contact section of this web site and fill out the information provided.

Other inquiries on retaining the services of forensic experts in criminal or civil investigations can also be made through the Contact section of this web site or visiting

Interested individuals will be immediately contacted and provided with the necessary information requested.

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